Martini CRM Consulting LLC

Well, what do you need?

Data Administration

Don't have time to make sure your data is properly managed? Want to ensure your data is actionable, consistent, and accurate? Or maybe you're migrating to Salesforce and you need all your data uploaded and tucked into the proper nooks and crannies of your instance? I can do that. 

Reporting & Analytics

The integrity of your data isn't worth much if you can't access it. Want to see your data in pretty reports, dashboards, and other analytical tools?  I can do that.

Workflows & Automation

Need things to do things by themselves? Automatic emails, fields that correct themselves, records that get assigned to the right people at the right time - live your dreams! I can do that.

What about a little more?

Training & Support

Need someone to come in and show you the ropes? Need someone to host monthly trainings for your staff? How about a phone number to call when the thought of submitting another Salesforce support ticket gives you heartburn? I can do that.

A Second Opinion

Using Salesforce but think you can use it a bit better? Can't see the trees for the forest?* I'll take a look under the hood and perform an Efficiency Evaluation, complete with a pretty report that's yours to keep forever.


*Or is it the other way around?

The Whole Package

Totally new to Salesforce? Need someone to come in and set up your whole instance? Everything listed above and more? I can do all that.*

Want to talk specifics? Call me. Tell me what you need, and I'll tell you what I can do.


*This is my favorite one. Nothing better than a blank canvas!