Martini CRM Consulting LLC



I am a Salesforce administrator for hire. Simple as that. I focus on nonprofits, and I charge reasonably. I don't have a Salesforce certification, and I didn't even go to school for computers, but I can get you from A to B without costing your first born.

Even I think Salesforce is scary. It's really hard to learn! But I learned it so you don't have to. Or at least I learned all the really boring stuff so you can focus on running your programs efficiently. Let me worry about cross-object filters and formula fields and dashboards (oh my!).

Before starting my own consulting business, I was a Salesforce administrator for the Akilah Institute for Women and MindSky for three years. When I started, Salesforce was barely mentioned (and if it was, with considerable eye-twitching). When I left, Salesforce was the centralized database for all information organization-wide. Can I do that for you?


Why Me?

Awesome question!

When I worked in the nonprofit world, I saw first hand how tight money was. Most nonprofits don't have the budget for big flashy consulting companies and implementation partners. They charge crazy hourly rates and fees and other nonsense. Most nonprofits also feel like they can't get anything big done with Salesforce unless they hire a company like that. Not true! I'm here to prove it. I just want to help you make the most efficient and effective use of Salesforce possible for a little money in exchange. I might not be flashy, but I'm very good at what I do.  


Why should I hire you and not a big firm?

I cost less. Like, waaaaaay less. And if you're a small nonprofit with a limited budget for technology investments but want to radically improve your efficiency, I can do almost everything a comparable Salesforce implementation partner can do. 

Can I write SQL or make Apex whatevers - no. Can I make processes, automations, and formulas - you betcha. 

Are you available full time?

Nope! I'm a part time graduate student. Happy to sell you the other parts of my time though!

How did you learn Salesforce?

Google and YouTube. Seriously, it's all there.

(Why am I telling you this instead of just letting you pay me??)